NEW ITEMS 4/2018

We added new items 4/2018 on our web. You can see this items in our catalog.

NEW - In catalog you can download actual PRICE LIST (excel)



F-105D (1/48)

Trumpeter, Aires cockpit, wheel bay
Autor: Wolfgang Bugl, Italy

MiG-21MF (1/48)

Aires sets
Autor: William Medina Arce, Chile

A6M5 Zero (1/48)

Tamiya, Aires cockpit set
Autor: Alex Belov, Ukraine

Kamov Ka-50 Hokum (1/48)

Italeri, Aires and Aerobonus sets
Autor: Zdeněk Flégl, Czech Republic

Me 163B Komet (1/32)

Meng, Aires set: cockpit set

Autor: Josef Choreň, Czech Republic

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