NEW ITEMS 3/2019

We added new items 3/2019 on our web. You can see this items in our catalog.



Mig-15 (1/48)

Riccardo Giorgettini, Italy
engine detail and gun bay

F-8E Crusader (1/72)

Simon Liu, Taiwan,
Aires detail set.

F-4E-35-MC Phantom II 67-308 'Betty Lou'

Aires cockpit, wheel bay, exhaust nozzles , auxilary air intake, Quickboost Ejection Seat, air intakes, F.O.D., arresting hook, Aerobonus MER + TER
Autor: Zdeněk Ziegler, CZECH REPUBLIC

FW 190 JV 44

Autor: Gianluca Angeli, Italy

Připravujeme/Prepare (3D Desing preview)

4715 F-14A Tomcat cockpit set for Tamiya (1/48)

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